Sabtu, 07 November 2009

Windows 7

Windows 7 sales boosted by pre-orders, smashes Vista

After outselling Harry Potter in pre-orders, Windows 7 creams Vista too.

Huge pre-order sales of Windows 7 have seen Microsoft's new operating system out-do its disastrous predecessor Windows Vista by a whopping 243 per cent.

The newly released figures demonstrate public and business confidence in Microsoft's comeback effort, although the figures have been skewed slightly by the amount of people who took up the option of hugely discounted pre-sale offers.

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Once the maths has been done, Microsoft emerges with 82 per cent higher profit margin than it saw from the first seven days' sales of Vista, according to figures released by the NPD group.

NPD Vice President Stephen Baker said: "Microsoft's program of early low-cost pre-sales, high visibility marketing, and aggressive deals helped make the Windows 7 software launch successful. In a slow environment for packaged software, Windows 7 brought a large number of customers into the software aisles."

T3 scored the new OS, which allows Windows to compete with the slickness of Mac OS X for the very first time, our highest accolade of 5 stars, saying: "Windows 7 has achieved something Vista failed to deliver and much more. This is the best Windows yet." Read the full Windows 7 review and get Windows 7 tips to get the most out of the new OS.

Link: Microsoft (via Telegraph)

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