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New Dell Adamo XPS

New Dell Adamo XPS thinner than Apple MacBook Air

Dell leaves Apple gasping for Air... and other recycled puns.

The new, high-end Dell Adamo XPS laptop entered the record books this week by officially becoming the world's thinnest laptop, out-slimming even the Apple MacBook Air.

The swanky Adamo is an incredible 9.9mm thick, compared to 19.4mm body of the MacBook Air, which seems decidedly out of shape in this department, even though the Adamo remains slightly heavier.

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But while winning the all-important size battle will provide a welcome PR boost ahead of the pre-Christmas launch, the Adamo XPS offers a few new features which makes it Dell's most revolutionary laptop in years.

One of the hot features is an innovative finger-swipe system on the lid, which will open the laptop automatically. When the mechanism rests in a working position, the keyboard is propped up by the screen, leaving it at a typing-friendly angle. This is the first time we've seen anything quite like this. The USB ports, et al, are also housed within the screen, helping to keep the keyboard itself even thinner.

It's not all technological lingerie though, the Adamo XPS rocks 4GB RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.4GHz processor and an LED backlit screen. It also manages to squeeze in an Ethernet port into its svelte frame.

However, as with the last Dell Adamo laptop, these extra style points are going to result in a cost that will price out everyone except the playing staff at Flash Git FC, with it's sex appeal outweighing its functionality. It's going to cost $1799 in the US, which translates into £1,209 - but as we know we're often charged more of a premium for our gadgets than our US counterparts.

We'll have a full review and video as soon as we can prise a working sample from Dell's grasp.

Link: Dell

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