Kamis, 05 November 2009

Sony Vaio X series your perfect travelling mate

In this world everyone looks for a perfect travelling mate. Here comes Sony Vaio who can be your perfect travelling mate because of its light weight and sleek and sophisticated looks.
Sony Viao X series proves to be a gracious looking perfect piece of art with ultimate utilities and what else you look for? you can work on this any time anywhere.
Sony VAIO X Series has two different looks one is glossy and sparkling and another one is non glossy.
It is first time that a model is having two different looks. The glossy looks are to catch northern American customers and non glossy finishing is for European market.
The VAIO X’s touchpad was a graciously sized 2.1 x 1.6 inches, the user can face little friction.The laptop keyboard could have been a smidgen larger; especially considering it’s capable of recognizing multi touch gestures, such as pinch and zoom. There are two mouse buttons below the touchpad they are also small in size but responsive.

The beautiful, smallest, lightest and thinnest ultraportable Sony Viao x series has recently entered in Indian market. Sony touts the VAIO X as the world’s lightest notebook of just 655 grams (with the four-cell battery)

Even after putting the extended battery on the VAIO X, the weight—2.2 pounds—is still more than 1/2 a pound lighter than most 10-inch netbooks.
In India Sony offers VAIO X in two models VPCX113KG for Rs. 64,990 and VPCX117LG for Rs. 84,990 - both with one year international warranty. Sony VAIO X ultraportable laptop is now in India. Boasted as the world’s slimmest and lightest ultraportable laptop, VAIO X weighs merely 655gms and is about half an inch thin. It is really very light having excellent endurance. The laptop is food for frequent travellers and can prove to be a best travelling mate.
The Laptop is integrated with 3G wireless and GPS. The notebook is having a good image quality with good viewing angles and high in resolution.

The cons of Sony Vaio X series is that it’s really expensive and can serve the elite gentry. The netbook is having cramped keyboard and touchpad. The extended battery can be attached with the help of two screws. The audio is not impressive and speakers are quite. Undoubtedly it is an ultimate status symbol.

Sony Vaio X series Quick Specs

CPU: 2.0-GHz Intel Atom Z550
RAM/Expandable to: 2GB/2GB
Hard Drive Size/Speed: 128GB SSD/N/A
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit)
Display Size/Resolution: 11.1 inches/1366 x 768
Weight: 2.2 pounds (with extended battery)

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