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Hanphone Mobile LG GW300

LG GW300

It may be one of the simplest phones you´ll see released this year, but there´s a very good reason for that: the price! You simply won´t be able to find a cheaper handset or better deal for a phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. So if you´re a keen emailer, constant texter, or avid status updater, then your busy little thumbs might be made very happy indeed by this thing.
  • TFT screen
  • 240 x 320 pixels, 2.4 inches
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • GSM 900, 1800, 1900
  • 95 g
  • 3.2 mega pixel camera with video recording facilities
  • Unlimited phonebook entries with multiple contact storage
  • microSD expansion slot
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • Bluetooth
  • USB 2.0
  • MP3 and polyphonic ringtones
  • Standard Li-Ion battery
  • SMS, EMS, MMS, Email, IM
  • Internet browsing
  • Organizer
  • T9 text feature
  • Music player
It´s fair to say that this phone is as interesting for what it doesn´t feature than what it does. There´s no 3G or WiFi, meaning that the standard EDGE / GPRS is the only way to hook up to the internet. There´s no GPS, so no working out your location or using any kind of navigational software. And there´s nothing like the accelerometers or other such fancy things found in other recently released phones. But this is all part of a very deliberate ploy by LG to release an absolute bargain basement phone that does just what you want of it, and no more.
The main focus of the phone then is that keyboard, and everything that you can do with it. With several apps and widgets pre-installed on the phone, you´ll find access to sites such as Facebook and Twitter almost instantaneous, meaning you can send messages or update your status almost immediately. Obviously this isn´t access to the full, graphics and photo-heavy version of Facebook, but if you just want to let the world know what´s going on in text form then that´s exactly what you can do here. And the phone also has all the usual software for SMS and emails, two things that if you use regularly you´ll find doing so with the physical keyboard an absolute pleasure.
The other good thing about how streamlined this phone is inside is how that means it´s also extremely streamlined on the outside too. It´s as thin and stylish as even the newest smartphones because it simply doesn´t have to pack in a bunch of chips and gadgets. The black/blue design is also very tasteful and you wouldn´t know to look at it at all just how cheap this phone is.
You´ll pretty much know straight away if you think this phone is something you want in your life. Just have a look at your thumb tips... if they´re red raw that means you´re someone who texts, emails and uses other typing functions all the time. So do your thumbs a favour, have a look at investing in the LG GW300!

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